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Originally from the french part of the Alps, I have been working as a personal trainer for the past 10 years, mainly in Switzerland, France and Canada.

Strength and conditioning coach for active individuals, athletes and sports teams, I am a fitness enthusiast and I practice what I preach.

Why collaborate with me?

Education is Key  Experience Counts  Details matter  Building Trust

Who do I train:

Recreational athletes and exercice enthusiasts who want to improve their physique and general athleticism. They gauge success by changes in their physical apparence and/or by improving their baseline performance in strength and conditioning to feel happier, healthier, stressfree, in their everyday active and working life or to simply succeed on a given field without compromising what they socially enjoy in life.

Let's do this together:
Increase Happiness  Move better   Get more energy   Get motivated   Reduce stress  Get Stronger  Sleep better  Improve your posture  Increase Self confidence Improve your balance  Rehab smarter  See Results
Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor
Fitspro Geneva
Precision Nutrition L1
SFG I Kettlebell
Strongfirst, Denver
ONNIT Foundations
Onnit Academy, Austin
EXOS Performance Specialist
Box N Burn Fitness Boxing L1 +L2
Boxing Fitness Academy, Los Angeles
Barbell Rehab Method
BB Rehab, Phoenix
Performance Breathing Coach
XPT Life
FRC Mobility Specialist (FRC)ms
Functional Movement Screen L1
Stand Up Paddle Instructor L1+L2
ASI, Phoenix
Paddlefit L1+L2
Montreux, Switzerland
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