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ModFIT is a private and personal gym allowing you to train on your own, with a friend, a yoga teacher, or a personal trainer; a solution exists for everyone.


ModFIT is a self contained, prefabricated, state of the art structure that can be delivered to or conventionally built on any site.

The goal of ModFIT is to bridge in-home training with fitness facilities and private studios, enabling all people to start exercising, training and moving in a safe and well-equipped zone. Designed for versatility, Modfit can also be repurposed into an office, a guest sleeping space, studio or entertaining area.

One space - Unlimited Solution


As a Fitness coach / personal trainer being in the fitness industry for over 8 years now, I have always been looking at finding the best way to train my clients and searching for the best solution in terms of space to make training conditions more time efficient, convenient, easy to reduce every friction that can affect my clients motivation and consistency.


Fitness Professional dreams: I have noticed, working with and besides hundreds and hundreds of fitness colleagues, that one of the most common dreams would be to own their gym or training facility someday. Some of my friends made their dream reality but for a lot of others, it remains unattainable for several reasons and I wanted to fix that and create an alternative solution for fitness professionals to achieve their dreams.


Gym in remote locations or closer to people: Depending on where some people live, the size of their town..., some individuals don't have access to a fitness space or training equipment nearby, sometimes (often) fast food restaurants are definitely closer than a health and fitness facility. We are aiming to install a Modfit within 10 minutes of any individual, bringing dumbbells to people closer than beers & burgers.


Privacy and mental comfort: Not every person feels confident about themselves, some are shy, others uncomfortable with their body, a lot of people never get taught how to train safely and properly as well. Modfit will provide a private, inclusive and intimate space to everyone.


Modfit provides solutions to solve those these road blocks different problems, giving access to a modern and private fitness space to as many people as possible and giving the opportunity for fitness professionals to create and build their business.

Combining these elements will help to  combination of those two factors aiming to improve global health in the country, 1 person at a time.



As a fitness enthusiast, it's always a great feeling to walk into a half empty gym, knowing that you will be able to enjoy your workout without being surrounded by hundreds of people, with access to every bench or curl bar available in the gym.


At the same time it's also pretty nice when the weather is so bad that we would rather stay in the comfort of our property,  to enjoy a workout, without a commute.


But what if your garage is already packed with your car(s), ski equipment, cardboard, tools...your home office don't have much room left and your partner or kids still consider using your living room as what it 's originally made for and not to throw dumbbells arounds, swing kettlebells or hold yoga poses??

What if you are lacking motivation because staying home feels more like sitting on the couch than lifting heavy weights or getting your heart pumping with interval training circuits?


If you still have a small part of your backyard available to install our 225 sq ft, you got yourself have the perfect solution to train whenever you want, in your private fitness studio, using our state of the art facility filled up with high quality fitness equipment.



Health and fitness professionals:


What would you do if you had the unique opportunity to own your boutique gym, private yoga studio or boxing space with modern and customisable equipment, for the fraction of the cost of a regular brick and mortar Fitness structure.

For a mobile trainer, that would mean no more time wasted on the road, no traffic jam, no equipment to carry, everything you need is here and ready to be used.


Can you imagine having the entire space just for you and your client(s), selecting your own soundtrack and having every single piece of equipment ready and available for you at all times to follow your programming?


No need to book any time slot, no need to pay extra money to rent the space for an hour or two, no need to ask anything to the owner of the gym, because you are the owner now.

you have Your space as own the fitness facility that you dreamed about when you first started doing your coach/ teacher certification.


That's what Modfit is all about, providing the ideal ownership solution for Health and Fitness professionals, to create and develop their own business, get their financial freedom and thrive under their own terms and conditions.



Modfit has also been created to provide business owners the opportunity to improve their employees well being. Installing a Modfit on your parking lot for example would take only two car park spots but would give you a great return on investment.

Add some value to your company and make your employees happier and more productive with Modfit, providing them access to an affordable training space where they can train, practice yoga, meditate, relax and get back to full strength and focus to work afterwards.

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